Autism Intervention Program

The Autism Intervention Program provides a short-term program of up to eight terms for primary and secondary students with transition back to the local school determined on completion of negotiated set goals.

The program is a DECD initiative which uses The Ziggurat model of intervention to provide a holistic education, catering to the needs of individual learners on the Autism Spectrum.
Students receive targeted intervention, designed to assist in eradicating the defined, or potential barriers to their inclusion.
Emphasis is placed on addressing the ‘triad of impairments’ for learners with ASD. Skills and strategies will be explicitly taught to address students’:

- Behavioural Responses

- Language

- Pragmatic (social) responses

Learners will be taught methods to think flexibly and self regulate their behaviour whilst meeting sensory needs in socially  acceptable ways. Individually tailored      programs will also target students’ academic needs.





Students will be considered for the Heights AIP program if they meet elements of the following criteria;

· Are enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in Junior School (year 3-5), Middle School (year 6-8) or Senior School (year 9-10)
· Live in the Northern Metropolitan region.
· Have a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder (Aspergers or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified).
· Recommended by a DECD psychologist.
· Have verbal and non verbal cognitive abilities within or above the average range.

· Have a documented history of difficulty regulating their behaviour.

Applications for placement in the AIP are managed by a statewide AIP Panel. Applications should be forwarded to DECD. The Heights School does not enrol students directly in the AIP.




Important Information

- Program runs from 8:45am-2:40pm Monday, and from 8:45am-3:05pm Tuesday-Friday.
- Students will be eligible to enrol for up to 8 terms, but transition will likely start earlier.
- Uniforms are compulsory and can be purchased from uniform shop.
- Transport assistance can be applied for through SERU, forms can be downloaded from


Recommended reading for families