Each year The Heights prepares a “Festival Choir” that participates in the South Australian Public Schools Festival of Music, which is a series of concerts held at the Festival Theatre in September. Students from years 5-7 can nominate to join our choir which rehearses once a week in school time.

The South Australian Primary Schools’ Music Festival started in 1891 as the Thousand Voice Choir; the festival has been part of South Australian life and now stands as an official state Icon. Reaching over 23,000 primary children with choral music as its core the festival assists schools achieving excellence in student outcomes.



As in previous years, The Heights has supported this prestigious festival. Our main contribution is our Festival Choir. Students also have had the opportunity to audition as soloists with the choir as well as comperes for the concerts, members of the dance troupe and as supporting artists. All in all the festival is one of the highlights of the year for the choir and culminates with the choir performing with over 400 other students in the Primary Schools’ Festival at Festival Theatre
Being a member of this prestigious choir requires commitment, dedication and a love of singing.

Under the musical direction of Algis Laurinaitis the choristers learn to sing through wide range of repertoire and satisfying performances. And although Choir is hard work it is also a lot of fun with rewarding musical and educational outcomes.