Raising and Resolving Concerns

Strengthening School Community Relationships
Good relationships within the school community give students a greater chance of success. There will be times when people have concerns about what happens at school. When this happens, we would like to encourage an open dialogue with you. To hear your concerns and work out how to address them, we have an established complaint process.

Your child's teacher is usually your first point of call. If the matter involves more than just one teacher, you should be talking with the Year Level Mentor who is overseeing the year level that your child is in. Often this person is not immediately available but they will return your call or make an appointment with you.

In the event of a concern please use the following guidelines:


  1. Please report to the front office.
  2. Arrange a time to speak to the relevant teacher/s about the problem.
  3. Please do not enter school classrooms or offices about a complaint without prior arrangement.
  4. Let the teacher know what you consider to be the issue.
  5. Allow a reasonable time for the issue to be addressed.
  6. If the issue is not addressed, please arrange a time to speak with your child’s Year Level Mentor.
    Our Year Level Mentors are:
    Years R-5             Suzanne Ierace or Leah Overstreet
    Year 6 & 7             Cherie Rothery
    Year 8                    Kyriakos Markou
    Year 9                    Robin Parsons
    Year 10                  Beth Sztekel
    Year 11 & 12         Ian Benjafield
  7. If the matter has not been addressed to your satisfaction, please contact the Principal’s Assistant who will assist you with the school’s complaint process. The Principal’s Assistant is the first point of contact and will refer the matter to the appropriate Senior Leader, who will involve the Deputy Principal and the Principal as required.
  8. If the matter is still unresolved after following the school’s complaint process, you may choose to discuss the issue with the Education Complaint Unit, 1800 677 435.

Parents with a concern about School Policy should:

  • Arrange a meeting time with the Principal to discuss your concern.
  • Allow a reasonable time frame for the issue to be addressed.
  • If the matter is still unresolved, you may choose to discuss the issue with the Education Complaint Unit, 1800 677 435.


  • Everyone should be treated with respect.
  • Meetings to discuss grievances will be suspended if any person behaves in an insulting or offensive manner.

  Raising a complaint with DECD

DECD Complaint Information