Governing Council

Members of the Governing Council are elected to represent and involve the community in the governance of the school to strengthen and support public education.

The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined by regulation, and each member has a responsibility to discharge those duties effectively.
Annual General Meeting is held in term 1 each year.

Code of Practice Constitution


See School Calendar for meeting dates


Parent / Carer Members:

Staff Representatives:

Jim Rouse - Chairperson

Nigel Gill - Principal

Maria Parry - Deputy Chairperson

Roy Page - Deputy Principal

Leanne Stevens - Secretary

Lyn Davis - Senior School Leader

Steve Marriott - Treasurer

Celina McKenzie - Middle School Leader

Alison Hoffrichter

Kathy Lyon - Junior School Leader

Adrian Marschall


Amanda Sommers

Student Representatives:

Bev Hall

Ignaf Andrews

Cheryl Occhiuto

Marija Maric

Kevin Williams


Peter O'Dea

Community Members:

Steve Richardson

Frances Bedford







Governing Council Nomination
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Governing Council Sub Committees

Finance Advisory Committee

The Council has established a Finance Advisory Committee to advise the Council on budgetary and financial matters, including the preparation of the preliminary budget showing:

  • The anticipated income available for the ensuing twelve months ( both normal transactions and from fund-raising activities);

  • The proposed expenditure to be made;

  • Details of any funds held for special purposes.

The Finance Advisory Committee meets at least once every school term to review the school budget.

Members - Renae Lambden, Nigel Gill, Steve Marriott, Jim Rouse, Peter O'Dea, Anthony Cox, Alison Hoffrichter, Maria Parry


Grounds & Facilities Development Committee

Members - Renae Lambden, Nigel Gill, Brian Tape, Tom Hayward, Maria Parry, Anthony Cox, Adrian Marschall