Students at The Heights have the chance to participate in the Wakakirri National Story Festival, which is the largest national performing arts event for Australian schools, with several hundred entries each year.

Preparation for our entry always starts early in February, with students being asked for ideas. More than 40 students from years 3 – 5 participated in workshops, sharing ideas inspired by the Wakakirri key signature, Sun. There were some very creative proposals for the storyline but when someone suggested setting our story dance on the beach under the sun with a complication, students thought of the Shark Cull which had been in the news recently.

A surfer girl goes to the beach and meets her friends. While surfing they are washed under the sea by a big wave. After the shark attack and rescue, media interest and resulting news headlines cause people to protest on the beach. Anti cull protesters then come out in force, too. We were lucky to have one of the Year 12 students at our school researching the shark cull as part of his studies. He came to talk to our protesters and surfers about his findings and we got ideas for the anti-cull signs. Students also found out about the effect of the shark cull on the ecosystem. Our story concludes with the surfer girl arriving with her family and friends as she doesn’t want the shark cull to go ahead.

Every year there is great excitement as we get ready for our performance. We are very fortunate to have an amazing team of parents assisting with our colourful costumes, props, choreography and crowd control. Our cast of 97 rehearsed with lots of energy and enthusiasm every Friday afternoon until our amazing performance at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in August. We received awards were for Group acting, Storytelling, Set Design and Overall Costume Design. The judges were impressed with each cast member’s commitment to their role.


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